Empowering Sports Professionals Online

At Legado we are passionate about Empowering Elite Sports Professionals Online to build their legacy.

We have a passion for sport and love to inspire and support Elite Sports Professionals to build their Legacy. We like seeing the ripple effect that takes place in sport around amazing, talented people. We see the positive impact they have on people that know, like and trust them, on and off, the field. We want to make sure that positive impact is spread as far as possible. At LEGADO we get to inspire sports professionals to build a legacy that inspires them. That in turn inspires all of their followers, helping everyone reach their full potential. That is Why we love coming to work everyday! .

What do we do? We lead Elite Sports Professionals of the Past, present and future around the world. We communicate, in a way Sports Professionals understand, the importance to have a solid game plan for creating, building and managing an online presence. We help align and convert the experience, exposure and opportunities, available through a sporting career, towards a chosen legacy. We use our knowledge to expand the influence, exposure and profile of Sports professionals using the latest online technologies and trends. Our focus is always to add value to Loyal Fans, Followers and Sponsors.


Anna Flanagan is one of the star Australian Hockey Players. We have been working with her since the beginning of Legado, and she has had fantastic. Most recently receiving an amazing sponsorship from Redbull, the first female hockey player to be sponsored by RedBull! In Anna’s words she did not think it was possible before to be making money from her sporting success, and we have helped make that a reality for her!


Alex Hartmann was only just 18 when he came to one of our first workshops. From that day workshop he has successfully developed his own website and social media! He has done very well and has just competed in the International Relay Championships for Australia


The Online world is happening whether you are part of it or not. People are talking about you, don’t you want to be part of the conversation? Legado is here to help you with your game plan.