Empowering Sports Professionals Online

Our Story

Legado has been created to support elite sports professionals in building their legacy and protecting their image and brand online. We launched in Brisbane after the London 2012 Olympic Games. After speaking with Elite Athletes and Professionals and discovering we could support them by sharing and teaching simple marketing and online skills we originally used for Businesses to help build and engage their fans and followers.

After discussions with many athletes and sports professionals we discovered many are not being taught basic strategies and information about how to set up personal profiles professionally online to help build their profile or how to be able to put in place simple things that would be able to help them transition into business or work post a sporting career. This also included some athletes that were under various contract and who also had personal managers.

Initially people think of us as sports managers, to clarify we are marketing and branding experts and we are here to change the game and create win-win-win situations for sports professionals, sponsors and their fans and followers . We are sharing simple ways that add value to each of these groups and in turn this means a better return on investment from both time and money that all 3 groups invest in different ways. If you want to give us a title we are Game Changers and Legacy Builders.

To inspire the generations to come through the legends, stories and loyal following of Elite Sports Professionals we support of the past and present.

Be the number one team inspiring elite sports professionals  globally with their online game plans for a legacy they want and choose to leave on and off the sports field.

Honour We take pride in staying true to our words and actions
Excellence We are committed to success
Loyalty We are there to support, through thick and thin
Inspire We are passionate about creating leaders and role models of tomorrow
Celebrate We acknowledge and reward achievement and success